I play golf with ONLY 1 CLUB!
THE END.....thank you!
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Christopher Duff
Christopher Duff 22 timmar sedan
Thanks for the tips Rick! James is also an awesome coach and video partner!
rich vemmer
rich vemmer 22 timmar sedan
Subscribed to both
Andreas Nilsson
Andreas Nilsson 23 timmar sedan
I empathize with you for those erroneous puts, but even your bad days was a lot better than what I did today on the greens :( I've one possetive thing, I only had one unplayable teeshot, and that was less then 10 yards right of the fairway. A drop and a 170 y shot in head wind with height restrictions from branches. That 3/4 punch with a 4i, just a tad to long ( I was playing with half a set to relieve back pain from wearing my bag ). It is also my third round of this year.
Charles Groover
Charles Groover 23 timmar sedan
My putting was better than yours yesterday but my golf partner was not 🤣🥰🙋🏼‍♀️
Lachlan Dunn
Lachlan Dunn 23 timmar sedan
I played here when I spent 6 months in England in 2016!!
jeremy barr
jeremy barr 23 timmar sedan
So,are you missing your start line by that much or are you reading greens that badly? Find out which one it is and concentrate on it. You'll get it back.
Alex Taylor
Alex Taylor 23 timmar sedan
I don’t play golf. But I want to now!
Sam Lee
Sam Lee 23 timmar sedan
the fact he had half a set of cheap clubs just goes to show...
Ed M
Ed M 23 timmar sedan
Great round!
oatechaosincycles 23 timmar sedan
This is so relatable, when I press for a score I really struggle, when I'm relaxed but focused on each shot execution I have great scores!
Scott C A
Scott C A 23 timmar sedan
'All I have to do is play steady for the last few holes to accomplish my goal. I think I'll push hard and go under par.' It's obvious when you watch someone else doing it.
Kevin Gowdy
Kevin Gowdy 23 timmar sedan
Don't change anything Rick. Without the duff shots and putts you would be only half as interesting to watch. The honesty of your game and simplicity of your explanations is what keeps me watching. Thank you.
James Rogers
James Rogers 23 timmar sedan
Good looking, good at golf what more could you want. The lady he was playing with was pretty good at golf too.
David Parsons
David Parsons 23 timmar sedan
I know the feeling, but I `m playing for par on every hole. Made a few birdies, but not many, but they made me happy. A triple makes me mad, but I am not good enough to get mad.
Sam C
Sam C 23 timmar sedan
Define fairway divot, then. If they change the rule, then anything sitting down will be argued a divot. Divots take over a month to fully heal.
Walter Stimson
Walter Stimson 23 timmar sedan
Don't you just love this series? Brilliant.
Peter Graves
Peter Graves 23 timmar sedan
Entertaining videos. I'd vote for rethinking the music choices..
Will Hayes
Will Hayes 23 timmar sedan
Rick: I don’t think I’ll be using my driver as much today ALSO RICK: *driver on first 4 holes*
Adam Laidlaw
Adam Laidlaw 23 timmar sedan
Hi Rick
Elliott Duck
Elliott Duck 23 timmar sedan
Quality series this, Love it mate, just a thought for the series, could somehow incorporate the viewers to give a chance for them to play a round with you at their home course, see if you can break 75 on different tracks around the country. Maybe ask people how many birdies you’ll make in the comments and pick a winner at random? Like most people, I really enjoy the series and think this could keep it going for a long time, even if it was only once every month or two rather than every week.
Aidan Smith
Aidan Smith 23 timmar sedan
The Happy Gilmore reference *chef’s kiss*
scott butterly
scott butterly 23 timmar sedan
brilliant video,Thanks
Vince L
Vince L 23 timmar sedan
Great tips from James. I like to see James' tips and swing. I DID NOT like the way Rick stood over James tossing the balls to the ground like though he was some kind of King, and James was just a commoner. James' golf game is leaps and bounds ahead of Rick's game. Rick should have had the ball already setting in place and just explained the shot and then let James give his tips. If James had his own youtube channel I wouldn't watch Rick's channel. I would only watch tips from James. Rick show some humility.
nikmak 23 timmar sedan
van der velde levels of desperation trying to play out of a gorse lol
Clayton Warren
Clayton Warren 23 timmar sedan
Whenever you start to look ahead Rick, you usually bogey or double. Same with all of us. Stay with each shot and each hole and go under 70 soon.
Richard Bower
Richard Bower 23 timmar sedan
Excellent. Enjoyed that.
Toon Linkie
Toon Linkie 23 timmar sedan
Need to include a bit of course management too I feel. Take 14 for instance. The key shot is to hit a club in the fat part of the fairway just short of the bunker, but instead you took the risk and took it on. It's break 75, not break 59! Much love rick
CalzoneOP 23 timmar sedan
Basically the same thing as using cheats in Warzone
mark marlborough
mark marlborough 23 timmar sedan
give us more shot tracer
Marc Woodley
Marc Woodley 23 timmar sedan
Rick in all seriousness what do I need to do to get you to come down south to our little tight golf course!! It’s a par 68 but with all the faith I have in you I think 74 would be a struggle #provemewrong #letsdoitforcharity #72holechallenge
Michael Graham
Michael Graham 23 timmar sedan
I'm no expert, but I feel like Rick could use something like a Spider to improve his putting. Just one man's opinion.
Nezzybit 23 timmar sedan
Rick on 17: “I’m gonna punch it out of the trees” Me: “Smart man” Rick: “with a 9 iron” Me: “OH NO”
A K9f ToxicKnife
A K9f ToxicKnife 23 timmar sedan
What driver was he using today? @
Martin Ward
Martin Ward 23 timmar sedan
So please tell us what Guy scored
Kevin Gowdy
Kevin Gowdy 23 timmar sedan
I'm a high handicapper but love bunker shots and have never had much problem getting the ball out. The problems arise with controlling the distance afterwards - getting the strength of shot right
Joseph Davenport
Joseph Davenport 23 timmar sedan
So you are saying I should aim the middle of hips right at the pin?
Jacob Brown
Jacob Brown 23 timmar sedan
Already subscribed to both fool if not. “Subscribe to both”
Outdoor AF
Outdoor AF 23 timmar sedan
Totally agree: that divot is not part of the original turf; it's man-made. Move your ball no closer to the hole.
David Hawkes
David Hawkes 23 timmar sedan
Rick, you really need a putting lesion
David Dag sedan
Have to ask Rick. Were you playing the Ping G425 LS driver? If you were, me thinks that's where you struggled? When you're not confident on the tee you go left and into trouble , hence your lowered self esteem, which then seems to affect your next decision making as you stand over the ball etc etc then bogie. If you are playing the Ping LS ( Lose Straightness ) driver, can you please please try for your next break 75 round use the G425 that is all forgiving. You yourself said when you stand over that driver it fills you with confidence. So, don't worry about those few extra yards with the LS and just be a few yards back in the middle of the fairway playing boring golf😁🏌️⛳.
Mark Dag sedan
Had to stop at #2 to comment. 'What the first rule on a birdie putt? A: Don't be short'. And here you go with hitting it 6' past. LOL But I get what you are saying. But i hate being short.
3chords Dag sedan
Play the course not the scorecard Rick
D S Dag sedan
Like his shoes. Where do I get those?
Adam Sisneros
Adam Sisneros Dag sedan
Bumpy greens
Steve Dag sedan
She's hot, sorry Rick but yeah drive for the show and putt for the dough don't think that worked any side of your game 🙈 love your videos though improved my game so much from your videos
Dave Karnowski
Dave Karnowski Dag sedan
love the 8 iron on 17. as Chee Chee said "its a game of how many, not how"
David Stout
David Stout Dag sedan
Hey Rick I think it may be time for a new putter because that seems to be the only club holding you back
David White
David White Dag sedan
Great video ! James come across so well
Ron Thibeau
Ron Thibeau Dag sedan
Greens didn’t look they where running true
Aaron F.
Aaron F. Dag sedan
You should fly to Thailand and challenge Golf Sidekick
Easy Skanker
Easy Skanker Dag sedan
“Double bogey, thanks for coming” got me
Christopher Johnson
Christopher Johnson Dag sedan
It must have been hard for Rick to focus this round, as his playing partner has never been attractive (until now). Tough life.
Michael Hutcheson
Michael Hutcheson Dag sedan
Somebody’s closer!!!! Class.
Chad BaDour
Chad BaDour Dag sedan
Give the evenroll a time out in the corner, Rick
Alex Ojeda
Alex Ojeda Dag sedan
Just got one!!
J B Dag sedan
I just shot a 66 two weeks in a row... 9 holes.
Lindsay Newell
Lindsay Newell Dag sedan
Great entertainment but...Rick with his old man electric cart (while Hannah was carrying) and putting from 10 yards off the green is 🤣 at that level of golf. Where is your short game Rick?
Dan Cummins
Dan Cummins Dag sedan
Really really enjoyed this Rick. You really brought us to the golf course 👌✅
robert gray
robert gray Dag sedan
Slightly disappointing score from you there Rick !! Such placid super conditions well groomed course. Did the young lady beat you !?
Ty Augustine
Ty Augustine Dag sedan
Your videos are just great, Rick! Thank you for the very easy to understand information.
sgddfgfghfgh Dag sedan
7:30 this is what happens when you play with Hannah, she films for her Instagram..... Proceeds to upload a 15 minute video of his round 😂
Grogu Dag sedan
That clubhouse is beautiful
Torben Olesen
Torben Olesen Dag sedan
You should test the balls differently. Find a guy who hit Down on the Ball With the driver. I hit my driver 4-5 degrees Down clubspeed is 100. That creats a lot of spin. Maybee that Would give an other result ? Most test are done by Guds hitting perfekt 300 yard drives.
Cyril Boylan
Cyril Boylan Dag sedan
Excellent Just started snd this is super helpful
Timothy Bevis
Timothy Bevis Dag sedan
I like 17th. I didn't mean to hit it that way. 😄
Chris Gilligan
Chris Gilligan Dag sedan
Reading greens - that's your biggest weakness. Not how you strike the putts....the really bad misses are almost always from misreading the amount of break, and in a few cases - misreading the speed of the greens.
James Sharier
James Sharier Dag sedan
Always love your tips, this one in particular is what I need to produce a straighter drive. I’ve also used your tips with the foot powder spray, the toe is the way to go. Thank you again keep up the great lessons
sean clarke
sean clarke Dag sedan
Great video, good score. May i say with respect, keep an eye on your rhythm that will help you stay steady, i am so willing for you to keep going and getting better as some of your videos have helped me .
David DeKing
David DeKing Dag sedan
Maybe you should try the Slazenger putter, James didn't seem to have a problem using it...
Kim Karzin
Kim Karzin Dag sedan
You were striking the ball today Rick except for a couple holes, had you holed a few putts, you would have definitely shot under par. The short game is coming along, even the driver was pretty much on target except for those couple of shots in the woods. I think you are close to shooting under par, just have to spend a little more time on the practice green and you will be there for sure. Great day and great video
Derek Johnson
Derek Johnson Dag sedan
Rick with the buggy and Hannah carrying like a boss!
Brady Erickson
Brady Erickson Dag sedan
The Happy Gilmore scene made me get caught watching videos at work🤣
Jonathan Thomason
Jonathan Thomason Dag sedan
I've said it before Shieldsie..... get on that practice putting green.
Kevin Hoekman
Kevin Hoekman Dag sedan
Hannah hits it so long and straight, Perfect form.
brenda shipley
brenda shipley Dag sedan
Hi Kevin
Kevin Gowdy
Kevin Gowdy Dag sedan
That's Callaway Draw
Kevin Gowdy
Kevin Gowdy Dag sedan
Just been given a callaway Rogue raw as a gift. Its getting left in neutral until I've tried all of this. Great video. You're my new online tutor. Thanks.
Joseph Duhanuk
Joseph Duhanuk Dag sedan
Gotta get that hook out of your game bud.
Golfing Young15
Golfing Young15 Dag sedan
I know Rick is a pro but he has to learn his mental game and how to stay in the present he gets ahead of himself and seems to hook it into the trees every time. Or when he has an eagle putt put it 6 feet past