Can a tour pro BREAK PAR with £70 golf clubs!?

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Hi I’m Rick Shiels, welcome to my channel RickShielsPGAGolf. This SEcycle channel is designed to help you play better golf, also to help you enjoy your golf more!
I specialise in golf club reviews, golf club unboxing, golf club news, golf club head to heads, and all about golf clubs.
I also want to make you play better golf by providing coaching video on all topics about golf, how to fix your slice, fix your hook, help you drive the golf ball longer, hit your irons more pure, hit your irons closer to the hole and help you draw and fade your golf shots.
I will also help you lower your score by chipping better by stopping you duff and thin chips, pitch the ball closer and also create backspin. Also I will provide you help to putt better and hole more putts!
On this channel I also make fun and entertaining golf content based on crazy and sometimes “gimmicky” golf clubs. I like to cut through the marketing hype about products and I like to give you the honest truth about golf equipment.
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Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf 18 dagar sedan
Subcribe to my 2nd channel here! Lets get to 100K!
Michael Singh
Michael Singh 15 dagar sedan
I tell you what, there is no legitimate excuse for playing bad because of the clubs. Lesson learnt I need to practice. Ps Ricky would you also caddie for me when I visit the UK
Daren 18 dagar sedan
Literally 99% won’t see this but I lost my job due to covid. They shut down all the restaurants in Cook county which then led me to loosing my apartment. I'm currently living out of my car which I try and make the best of. I've applied to a bunch of places I'm hoping to get a call back. if anyone could help me with whatever you could bc I'm needing stuff like hand warmers which I stuff my clothes at night when it's cold. Also cheap burgers/fastfood. I know times are tough for everyone these days but if you're able to help me I have paypal username pay2winlife If you're unable to help I totally understand thank you
MJAC casari
MJAC casari Timme sedan
Very enjoyable video, nice guy, GREAT golfer as you pointed out. Love your enthusiasm and his lack of even a trace of arrogance...
pweilnau 2 timmar sedan
James is an amazing golfer. Love the video.
Kevin Murphy
Kevin Murphy 3 timmar sedan
Great job guys,, Rick very nice on the commentary!!! Bravo boys ,,,
PkGam 5 timmar sedan
My guess before watching: He will shoot under because it's more so the skill than the club(s). After watching: Sure enough he did! Way better than I expected actually as he had a lot more opportunities for birdie along the way than I thought. I mean he's not even using a full set AND it was the first time he used them. That hybrid shot at 7:47 for instance was insane!
Rafael Valentin
Rafael Valentin 9 timmar sedan
The abounding step-grandmother inexplicably match because watch briefly muddle but a superficial zinc. frightened frightening full fumbling functional, judicious cause
jmack619 33 minuter sedan
that is just what I was thinking!
Francis Lefebvre
Francis Lefebvre 14 timmar sedan
those lines following the ball are amazingly useful! :)
Dustin Smith
Dustin Smith 15 timmar sedan
The tart sandwich phenotypically time because south america prenatally report without a shallow step-father. faint fair, lonely kite
War Peace
War Peace 16 timmar sedan
Those clubs are way better than mine. My best score on par 72 is 108. My average is about 140. Where are the rocks and the branches and the animals? Is that a real golf course? That course looks way easier than anything I have played on. Not one car or passed out drunk in sight!
Eric Hughes
Eric Hughes 17 timmar sedan
That James seems like the nicest guy ever. Cool vid.
Laura Gliebe
Laura Gliebe 19 timmar sedan
The way Rick runs at 17:09 is just adorable 😂
Carl Campbell
Carl Campbell 19 timmar sedan
This is a a silly and pointless test. The golf pro was given cheap wrong type clubs but also not even given a full set; no fairway woods, several irons missing and no wedges other than P. The score keeping was completely misleading.
Sam Lee
Sam Lee 21 timme sedan
the fact he had half a set of cheap clubs just goes to show...
Keith Hodson
Keith Hodson Dag sedan
What a good player just shows how good you have to be
john johnstone
john johnstone Dag sedan
Brilliant fun!
Joey Vantes
Joey Vantes Dag sedan
James is 🔥
Elias Morton
Elias Morton Dag sedan
The sneaky patient causally type because shop regionally press on a icy tail. near, loutish lunch
Gnarlton Danks
Gnarlton Danks Dag sedan
James the hooper. Making golf holes look like hula hoops.
Robert Freeman
Robert Freeman Dag sedan
I been playing with the same clubs since 1999. I’m not great, but what I lack, I make up in accuracy and distance. 🤷🏼‍♂️
shay stern
shay stern Dag sedan
you talk funny
Trevor Simmons
Trevor Simmons Dag sedan
Awesome job fellas. Gr8t content,fun to watch and wicked golf man.
Selwyn Breytenbach
Selwyn Breytenbach 2 dagar sedan
Well done, that was good to watch. James go on and be THE MAN.
Trevor Morton
Trevor Morton 2 dagar sedan
Being able to grab not only cheaper quality clubs, but clubs that are not suited for him at all, really shows Jame's skill and knowledge of the game. Knowing how much to take off your speed because of the shaft flex and still hitting your yardages, its extremely impressive.
RichF 2 dagar sedan
To a pro, playing against other pros where the margins are so fine anything that gives even a smidge extra is worth it. But it is just a smidge. Like F1 - we're talking milliseconds per lap.
v205 2 dagar sedan
He needs to play this 9 again with his own clubs and see if he does better. 😂
Guy Healy
Guy Healy 2 dagar sedan
Pro or hacker, it is easier to hit a good drive with an 11-degree driver than a 9-degree driver. Not as long, but more consistently straight.
Jack Boyd
Jack Boyd 2 dagar sedan
Ricky loves it at 15:19😂
Kris X
Kris X 2 dagar sedan
Deadest you should Caddy for him in his attempt to qualify. You’d make a great team. The relaxed personalities and banter seemed to work. At the level of skill it then becomes only a mind game. Worth a shot!!!
Brad Steiner
Brad Steiner 2 dagar sedan
That's nothing. I could finish +40 with Tiger Woods' clubs.
Victor Mortensen
Victor Mortensen 2 dagar sedan
I went from a 100 yards with a 100 set too 160 with 400 set
Dumdadum76 2 dagar sedan
Enjoyed this one! Thanks.
Billy Stojanovski
Billy Stojanovski 3 dagar sedan
What ball did he use?
Mike Setzke
Mike Setzke 3 dagar sedan
Really helps us 15 handicappers comprehend just how good tour players are!
Darron Tickle
Darron Tickle 3 dagar sedan
I bet your fellow PGA pros trying to earn a living selling equipment love you...not.
Bruce Roberts
Bruce Roberts 3 dagar sedan
Ryan Fortune
Ryan Fortune 3 dagar sedan
Move over Finchey, the best golfer on Shiels’ channel is James!
Wayne Mahoney
Wayne Mahoney 3 dagar sedan
Quality guys
Frank Bernard Eugene Tarumasely
Frank Bernard Eugene Tarumasely 3 dagar sedan
I Like it
Scott Burbridge
Scott Burbridge 3 dagar sedan
Just shows how good the top of the game is at golf because james is so good
Ethan Boertje
Ethan Boertje 4 dagar sedan
Rick you seem like such a great genuine person. Refreshing! Also thoroughly enjoy your videos!
shevshep 4 dagar sedan
Thanks you Rick and James this has told me something. Spend the money on lessons more so than equipment.
Sean Beresford
Sean Beresford 4 dagar sedan
More of these please.
Daniel Handforth
Daniel Handforth 4 dagar sedan
That has to be the first time anyone playing Slazenger clubs has ever walked up to the green before a 30 yard pitch shot
Patrick Davis
Patrick Davis 4 dagar sedan
I know a former club pro who prefers to play with a set of Wilson Staff Tour Blade's he bought at a garage sale for $50.
Angus Kerr
Angus Kerr 4 dagar sedan
Absolutely loved this. James is a class act, wow! Just reinforces what we should know .. the best investment is to improve your golf game.
Carl Campbell
Carl Campbell 4 dagar sedan
This is too funny! It reminds me of goof balls like my self when in the past I would get garage sale and Goodwill clubs and try to play with them. How many guys do you know with bags full of old clubs in their garage?
Carl Campbell
Carl Campbell 4 dagar sedan
The few times I have played with guys of this caliber I found my self applauding uncontrollably for 18 holes.
Maurice Jones
Maurice Jones 4 dagar sedan
Put that putter in the bag!! Great video!!!
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 4 dagar sedan
The Gospel: We sin against God and for our sins we deserve hell. We fall short of God’s perfect standard for heaven. But the good news is we have a way to be forgiven, that
freakk out
freakk out 4 dagar sedan
I will caddy but i won't be passing on the clubs or cleaning the balls - Rick shiels ;0
Timanator *
Timanator * 4 dagar sedan
Damn that is just impressive!
dan coffin
dan coffin 4 dagar sedan
161 people bought this set but still getting double bogey or worse...
Glenn Baltzel
Glenn Baltzel 4 dagar sedan
Why are the holes only 2 inches or so deep? They remind me of mini golf holes.
jmack619 28 minuter sedan
covid safety
Ponnappa Ganapathy
Ponnappa Ganapathy 4 dagar sedan
If James had to pick one club from that set to put into his bag, which one would it be. I reckon the putter most likely
FauxTree 5 dagar sedan
I m glad you did this
Carl Covey
Carl Covey 5 dagar sedan
Out of interest, did you ask James what he thinks he could go round those same holes with his own set?
seeni gzty
seeni gzty 5 dagar sedan
time he beat me using only his 7 iron. He always used to say to me, "It ain't the equipment son."
Me Me
Me Me 5 dagar sedan
I've always told people they are idiots to buy expensive clubs. You can either hit it or you can't. It's your swing, NOT the clubs. Granted a premium set will likely give you a little more distance, but I've hit my $15 driver from K-Mart as far as 340 yards... and I hit a high trajectory with very little roll.
Tom van Kamperdijk
Tom van Kamperdijk 5 dagar sedan
Basically understandable. We crappy golfers need all the help we can get to put a decent round together. This guy can do it with talent and a good swing.
Ross Towers
Ross Towers 5 dagar sedan
So much fun watching that ! Well done James !
baysidelad1 5 dagar sedan
Best video you've put up this year.......loved it!!!!!!
Paul Cooper
Paul Cooper 5 dagar sedan
Great vid this. Really enjoyed it. When James is putting on 17th, the hole seems to be full of balls. Did make me start to wonder about the whole thing..
first name
first name 5 dagar sedan
it looks extremely windy out there
jamesdanielkovacs 5 dagar sedan
This is dumb - he could easily break par with a cheap set if it was just a full set of clubs...or even just a loft wedge
Josh Guo
Josh Guo 5 dagar sedan
The Gospel: We sin against God and for our sins we deserve hell. We fall short of God’s perfect standard for heaven. But the good news is we have a way to be forgiven, that way is through Jesus. Because he loved the world, he came, lived a sinless life then died on the cross for our sins, paying the price which is death. He was buried and rose again on the third day. Through Jesus we can be forgiven of our sins. If we put our faith in him we will be saved ✝️❤️
Richard Magale
Richard Magale 5 dagar sedan
it isn't the arrow...its the archer! You can be good with cheap clubs
rome 5 dagar sedan
Hit 260 with the hybrid on a previous hole. Should of taken that over the driver off the deck?
Andrew Wick
Andrew Wick 6 dagar sedan
Gives me hope I use that hybrid and putter,😂
Rod Dela Cerna
Rod Dela Cerna 6 dagar sedan
I really enjoyed this. His takeaway is really smooth. Great swing! Thanks for shooting this.
frank frank
frank frank 6 dagar sedan
My company's 40 man weekly league had a 5 club round last year that had an all time low scoring average. Guys that own the latest club$ were real quiet while staring into their beers. Next year we are going to randomly pick a week and one plays with his opponent's gear. Everything but the glove and spikes.
Joe Sheets
Joe Sheets 6 dagar sedan
Travino always said "It's the Indian, not the arrows"
KookyFlukes 6 dagar sedan
He should start using that putter in the qualifiers. Also I bet he learned a lot about course management using that half set that he could take to tournament level
moncorp1 Inc
moncorp1 Inc 6 dagar sedan
My dad was a scratch golfer when I was growing up and into my middle age. I never got below a 10 handicap no matter how much I practiced or how many lessons I took. One time he beat me using only his 7 iron. He always used to say to me, "It ain't the equipment son."
bobbylockes 3 dagar sedan
".... just pure talent"
Chris Macmurdo
Chris Macmurdo 6 dagar sedan
His shots from the fairway were amazing but his putting skills even blow those away. Super talented.
APM M 6 dagar sedan
This video makes a mockery of the leading brands in golf 😅
Minom Pnom
Minom Pnom 6 dagar sedan
That guy is a classy golfer.
deldridg 6 dagar sedan
James comes across as a genuinely positive, chilled and all-round lovely guy. Perfect attributes for a quality golfer, which means I'm probably doomed. :-) Great vid and can't wait to share with a few mates who are spending ton$ on gear, not so much on instruction! Hehe
Chris 226
Chris 226 6 dagar sedan
Has anyone said you look like zerka from the sidemen?
SUTHERLAND 21 6 dagar sedan
I have that set Slazenger V100 half set isnt actually to bad
yehuda krawchuk
yehuda krawchuk 6 dagar sedan
James is a mad good golfer I dont know how he does it
JEST3R 6 dagar sedan
If anything, this is proof that workable equipment can be had for cheap
daytonpyro 6 dagar sedan
this is grrreat i always said its the player not the clubs.
OC Run
OC Run 6 dagar sedan
the bigger handicap was the missing clubs, not the cheapness. Only saw quality show an issue with driver. A lot of puts a foot short instead of a foot past probably because he wasn't used to the weight of the putter.
Silver Fox
Silver Fox 6 dagar sedan
This was a great video. Well done - both of you. I really enjoyed this.
Malt454 6 dagar sedan
Great clubs make a difference for a great player; great clubs are a great expense for other players.
charlieb303 7 dagar sedan
Rips the hybrid first time hitting it....
Andy K
Andy K 7 dagar sedan
Great video guys. Really enjoyed it. Was that at Worsley Old Hall?
yeme 7 dagar sedan
Would've liked to hear James say what he thought of the clubs, what he liked and didn't like, also what would be the first club or two he would add to the bag.
Lamster 66
Lamster 66 7 dagar sedan
Has James ( who looks like the illigitimate son of Pierce Brosnan and Martin Kemp!) taken that putter home so that he can have one Taylor Made!.
bdigitial 7 dagar sedan
255 to the pin. Hits it 30 short. He just hit a 260 hybrid lol no
Lamster 66
Lamster 66 7 dagar sedan
Bugger that means I'll have to stop answering "what's your handicap" with "These Clubs"
asioe kiou
asioe kiou 7 dagar sedan
consistently. Really enjoyed, and certainly will be back!
arronthebaron 7 dagar sedan
Great video lads
Jez I AM
Jez I AM 7 dagar sedan
I've missed watching your channel Rick, thank you SEcycle Algorithm ! (super fun to watch this video and James was awesome - Rick you make a fantastic caddy!!).
asioe kiou
asioe kiou 7 dagar sedan
Not really a “Fuzzy” like comment.
Blake Robert
Blake Robert 7 dagar sedan
Great video! The skill James showed was so brilliant! Hope he plays in The Open!
Ian purdy
Ian purdy 7 dagar sedan
wow what a swing, effortless
James Adcock
James Adcock 7 dagar sedan
Pros swing it different
Jae An
Jae An 7 dagar sedan
Very entertaining. Thanks
Nirre 8 dagar sedan
bought a robot golf ball for 300. Can hit the hole without aiming, money can buy skills.
coreservers 8 dagar sedan
i just bought rife rx2 decent box set you should test them out
Doc Hollywood
Doc Hollywood 8 dagar sedan
dude, these are actually decent clubs..i thought he was gonna use some goodwill trash clubs..waste of time this is
Frank Stallone
Frank Stallone 8 dagar sedan
Would love to see the same 9 holes with his preferred clubs.
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